Our students have great things to say!

“I always thought “cool” was one of the things you either had, or didn’t have, but Shoshi and Jeff taught me better. They took a highly abstract concept and broke it down into clear physical explorations, guiding us through posture, technique, musicality, until we could make smarter, bluesier choices. By the end of the class I could hear both follows and leads more clearly, and collaborate on shaping awesome dances together. I saw people leveling up all around me in similar ways, and when I competed later in the event I used so many of the things I’d picked up in one hour. I didn’t just find cool – I found MY cool. You guys are awesome!” – Fenella Kennedy (Columbus, OH)

“Jeff and Shoshi teach the best exercise-based and brain-bending classes, and the time and effort they put behind them is clear. Just two or three classes gave me material to work on for months to come, and plenty to bring back to my local practicum. They really work to make sure material is useful to each individual, encouraging everyone to explore moves in their own bodies and styles. These two are my newfound favourite teachers!” – Leia Chang (Oakland, CA)

“Jeff and Shoshi are excellent instructors and dancers. Shoshi brings a logical, yet playful approach to learning- while Jeff can literally finish her sentences and offers a human relatability to Blues dance. As a team, they are an unstoppable force of learning, fun and innovation. As choreographers, they aren’t afraid to blend, get weird and experiment with movement until it’s just right. 10/10 would recommend Jeff & Shoshi at your events and classroom.” – Galit Weinfeld (New York, NY)

“Shoshi and Jeff’s class on intentional decision making was challenging, fun, and very useful. They gave us the tools to become more creative dancers in a framework that was easy to digest and translated immediately onto the social dance floor.” – Robert Pehlman (Raleigh, NC)

“I was so lucky to have met Shoshi and Jeff. My first encounter with them was on the social floor. From dancing with them and watching them dance, I felt they were witty and brilliant as social dancers. Jeff is cheerful and energetic, and Shoshi is grounded yet expressive. Their two very different dynamics create a great synergy when they dance together. Their strengths on the social floor translate to their classes, as well. Their sense of humor made me laugh about every two seconds. In their Intentional Decision Making class, I started to feel I was dancing more like a musician, I could “talk” freely with my partner, and create new things with my dancing.” Sohyoung (Korea)