About Jeff and Shoshi


Photo Credit: Ben Hejkal Photography

Shoshi is an internationally acclaimed blues dancer. As a social dancer and performer, she is known for her creativity, humor, and organic movement, complemented by refined technique and complex musicality. She loves drawing attention to musical subtleties in surprising ways, so audiences can share in what she loves about jazz and blues music. Over her fourteen year career, Shoshi has made finals, placed in, and won numerous competitions, in Jack & Jill, Solo, Strictly, and Choreography formats.

As a teacher, Shoshi builds a solid foundation of musical understanding, technical partnering, and fundamental movement skills, enabling her students to unlock their own artistic voice in blues dancing. A fiercely intellectual artist, Shoshi encourages her students to learn through thoughtful collaboration. She teaches regularly in her home scene of New York, but has also taught at national events and even internationally in Canada and Israel (so far!).

Shoshi is continually growing as a dancer, teacher, and lover of music, and is thrilled to show the blues world all the exciting projects she has in store!



cropped-jeffbio.jpgAs a social dancer, performer and choreographer, Jeff wants to show the world that blues dance is an amazing, living art form that can excite, surprise and inspire. Jeff is known for his precise, joyful movement and creative, technical partnering. He leverages several decades of training and study as a musician and percussionist to inform his unique musicality and sense of rhythm.

As a teacher, Jeff is passionate about helping students discover their own artistic voices. He strives to give his students the strong technical foundations and musical knowledge they need to enable their creative self-expression. Jeff firmly believes in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment in the wider blues community, and strives to model this value in his teaching methodology.

Jeff’s dancing has been seen on the internet, PBS, 50th wedding anniversaries, and by people in the apartment across the street when he forgets to close his blinds. Jeff began competing in 2015, and has made a big impact in a very short time; he has made finals, placed in, and won multiple national blues competitions.