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Where We’ve Taught Recently

  • Ballroomin’ Blues Workshop (May 2017) – Grand Rapids, MI
  • Mile High Blues (June 2017) – Denver, CO

What We Can Teach You

Jeff and Shoshi love to develop creative blues dance content and share it in group and private lesson settings. Here are just a few of the topics we would love to teach you:

  • Momentum-Based Movement
  • Macro and Micro Musicality
  • Turning Technique (Solo and Partnered)
  • Powerful Minimalism
  • Intentional Decision-Making
  • Embracing Contrast
  • Partnered Connection Mechanics
  • Counter-Balance and Weight-Sharing
  • Tools for Effective and Efficient Practice
  • Choreography
  • Dancing like a Musician
  • Social Dancing Like an Artist
  • Not So Basic Basics
  • Connection Diagnosis
  • Refining Quality of Movement
  • Struttin’ and Variations
    • Footwork
    • Turns and Dynamic Moves
    • Modes of Connection
    • Weight Sharing
  • Dancing to Fast Music (not struttin’)
  • Skeleton Dancing
  • Leg Release Moves
  • DJing for Dancers
  • Solo Dances – In addition to traditional solo blues dances, here is a sampling of some other solo dances we love:
    • Lock Turns
    • Moonwalks and slides
    • The Butterfly (aka The Tootsie Roll)
    • The Watusi
    • The Frug
    • The Crank
    • The Heavyweight